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I have been in practice since 1997 when I graduated from Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy in Denver, Colorado.

After completing my schooling I stayed to student teach a semester of Swedish Massage. I then began a two year apprenticeship with a Yogirag based in Boulder, Colorado. My background in yoga offers me a greater view of body mechanics and the ability to see my clients issues at their core.

I am also a Reiki Master and this loving energy is always present during a massage session.  My intention for every massage is that the client is better in their body, mind, soul/spirit, as a result of the session.

I start every massage with the following statement: "Massage is a journey that we take together through your body.  My ability to create space is a direct result of your relaxation, comfort, breathing and desire to be better."

Massage offers tremendous healing and long-lasting health benefits. I am called to do this work and feel blessed, awed, and grateful to be a healer.